Stacked Dunun Stands

This convertible stand is made to hold either one or stack two dununs (typically sized for Dundunba and Sangban). There are two sets of holes…just reposition from the center holes to the other set. Then, adjust the stand using the retaining rope (3/16″x8ft included) to length. Included with the stand is a large Figure-9 rope tightener made by Nite Ize. This innovative product allows for a quick changeover without tying knots.

Single dunun stands are $45. Stacked dunun stands are $50.

Ordering a Stand

To order stands, consider these questions and send me an email.

  • Do you want a stand for each drum individually?
  • Do you want the stands to nest together when not in use?
  • Do you want a convertible/stacked dunun stand?
  • What is the width (ring to ring) of the drum(s)? (For an adjustable stand, measure the smaller of the two drums…this will be the maximum width of the stand.)

Dunun Platform & Cart

Get ready for that next performance…ballet dunun platform & cart custom made to your specifications! To order, send me measurements of overall height and width of each dunun. And include your ideal playing height from the floor. Due to the size, please arrange for local pickup.

dunun platform and cart for ballet style set up

Custom X-stands

Custom made X-stands support one dunun on its end and quickly slide apart for storage/travel! Available with or without padded ears. To order, email the measurements of both the overall diameter as well as the playing surface diameter of the dunun. Note: the practical height of the X-stand is limited to 9″ or less for stability, so if you need something taller, consider a platform dunun cart.


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x-stand for dunun with padded feet made by drumsticktony