Hickory Drumsticks

Hickory is a good choice for drumsticks due to its uniform grain and weight. Our drumsticks are simple, straight sticks with each end rounded off for use with African dununs and krins.

The ends are rounded on the router table and sanded. Then each stick is coated with boiled linseed oil to harden the wood and help prevent warping. No stains, varnish or polyurethane finishes are used. Hickory sticks naturally vary in color from a very light off-white to medium-brown.

Regular sized dunun sticks are targeted for Dundunba and Sangban use. The smallest sized dunun sticks are lighter weight and targeted for Kenkeni, but might also be a good general use drumstick for smaller hands. The largest dunun stick is a great choice for large hands or playing a large set of dununs ballet-style.

Krin sticks are made from 1/2″ diameter hickory and are available in two lengths (minimum order 2).

hickory drum sticks handmade by drumsticktony
Extra Large Dunun Sticks $6/each XL (17" x 7/8")
Dunun Sticks $5/each
Krin Sticks $5/each
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