Shea Butter

Shea Butter is from the nut of the karite tree grown in Africa. It naturally varies in color from pale yellow to tan, depending on how it is processed and filtered. It is a great all-natural moisturizer and has a very low melting point.

organic unrefined African shea butter from drumsticktony

Our raw shea butter comes in a 2oz double-walled jar. It’s the perfect size to keep in your drum bag! Use a small amount on your hands every time you play. You can also rub a small amount directly on a newly replaced drum head to moisturize the skin.

Raw shea butter has a kind of nutty scent. No oils or perfumes are added and the butter has a consistency similar to paste wax.

Shea Butter $5/jar

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Drum Hats

When not playing, protect your investment with a hat! Our high-quality drum hats are handmade right here in North Carolina using fabrics imported from Africa. These fabrics tend to be either woven cotton fiber or dyed batiks (not mud cloth).

kente cloth djembe drum hat protective cover
African cloth djembe drum hat protective cover with Gye Nyame symbol for God
Red yellow green cloth with African continent djembe drum hat protective cover
djembe drum hat protective cover made from African cloth from Senegal

Drum hats are padded and cotton lined. The top is stitched for a professional look and fit. The bottom has an elastic band to help keep it snug.

In order to get the best fit for your drum, measure the diameter at its widest point. Include the ring, knots or overhanging goatskin/hair in this measurement (not just the playing surface).

We stock one popular size to fit most djembes. Drum hats measure approx. 14.5″ diameter. If your drum diameter is wider than this, contact me for a custom made drum hat.

Colors and designs vary upon availability of imported fabrics. Custom size drum hats are available upon request.

$30/each. To order a drum hat, send me an email.

krin stand to hold log drum

Krin Stands

Custom-sized krin stands are available. To order a krin stand, measure the width of the krin and send me an email. Indicate the height you want. Stands can be made for sitting ($35) or standing heights ($40).

For more accessories, see Dunun Stands.

woman playing krin on drumsticktony krin stand

“This is m’Lady jamming a riff on our Krin, using this awesome stand you built! Thanks again!”

-Zeke & Robin