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Our philosophy is: Everything we make, sell or repair is done with care! We use what we sell and are committed to offering the best value possible to our drumming friends.

Hickory Drumsticks


Hickory is a good choice for drumsticks due to its uniform grain and weight. Our drumsticks are simple, straight sticks with each end rounded off for use with African dununs and krins.

Our goods and services include:

Buy Locally!

There’s nothing that we offer that you cannot either do yourself or buy elsewhere, if given the time, tools and resources. We offer hickory sticks at prices lower than you will typically find in stores or on-line.

For reheading and other custom projects, we will honestly assess your need and work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

This is a sideline business and the amount of time per project varies, but we do not charge by the hour. Head replacement is certainly a labor of love and can be very time-consuming. We get satisfaction from knowing that when you play, your drum sounds as good as it can!

If you need something or have an idea for a good or service we don’t provide, let us know.

djembe drum made of acajou wood with cowskin head reheaded by drumsticktony. Beautiful red, yellow and green rope custom cradle loops