Stacked Dunun Stands = $50/each

This convertable stand is made to hold either one or stack two dununs (typically sized for Dundunba and Sangban). There are two sets of holes...just reposition from the center holes to the other set. Then, adjust the stand using the retaining rope (3/16"x8ft included) to length. Included with the stand is a large Figure-9 rope tightener made by Nite Ize. This innovative product allows for a quick changeover without tying knots.

Single dunun stands are $45. Note: A low-capacity version of the Figure-9 rope tightener is included. The load capacity of these rope tighteners is not sufficient to carry the weight two drums, but allows for minor changes to stand height.

Dununs are all different sizes, so send me an email to get yours custom made.

Additional stand ordering Info