Reheading Service = $100

It pull just one more diamond and POP, the head breaks. Most djembes and ashikos have a genuine goatskin head that will occasionally need to be replaced over the life of the drum. Our goatskins are imported from West Africa. And we only use the highest quality 3/16" double-braided polyester rope with a low-stretch core (see colors below).
Includes (as needed/requested):

  • Inspection of shell and rope
  • Removal of existing head
  • Bearing edge reshaping
  • Replace with new goatskin head
  • Apply boiled linseed oil to shell
  • Tuck and braid skin (Susu braid)
  • Rope handle
  • Tune and Test your drum
  • Extras:
  • Replace all rope (based on 3/16" x 100') = $25
  • Additional charge beyond 32 cradle loops ($1/loop)
  • Re-rope and tighten verticals only = $15
  • Re-rope top and/or bottom ring = $10
  • Goatskin shaving = $5
  • Black Green/Black Olive Yellow Red
    Electric Blue Navy Burgandy Blue/Burgandy Guinea Rasta