Drum Hats

When not playing, protect your investment with a hat!

Our high-quality drum hats are handmade right here in North Carolina using fabrics imported from Africa. These fabrics tend to be either woven cotton fiber or dyed batiks (not mud cloth).

Imported cotton fabric hat
Drum hats are padded and cotton lined. The top is stitched for a professional look and fit. The bottom has an elastic band to help keep it snug.

In order to get the best fit for your drum, measure the diameter at its widest point. Include the ring, knots or overhanging goatskin/hair in this measurement (not just the playing surface).

We stock two popular sizes for djembe. Regular size hats measure approx. 14.5" diameter; Large size measures approx. 16" diameter.

Colors and designs vary upon availability of imported fabrics. Custom size drum hats are available upon request.

$30/each. To order a drum hat, send me an email info@drumsticktony.com